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Barex Consult Limited

Barex Consult Limited is a training and consulting company that specializes in designing, sourcing and organizing training programmes, seminars, conferences for the public and private sectors in Nigeria and Abroad. We provide more than just a series of learning events and workshops.

Our purpose is to provide qualifications, skills programmes, short courses and assessment services in the business, management as well as the Education, Training and Development field. Khaas Training Academy offers training and assessment that focus on the development of the individual, according to our client organization's Human Resources Development Strategy, Workplace Skills Plan and Employment Equity Plan.

We listen to our clients’ needs, evaluate the situation and diagnose where there is room for change or improvement.
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This is our Commitment


To create a brand which will attract and retain a competent, vibrant and high quality workforce..


Our mission is to empower the workforce with quality knowledge, skills and business tools to ensure a better future for everybody.

Cultures and Values

To develop and maintain a culture that will promote a cohesive, inclusive and diverse community.

Our Key to Success

The key to our success stems from the realisation that the synergy between training and knowledge leading up to the point of success will affect and have an effect on all those involved thus resulting in a higher level of performance and productivity. We firmly believe that training logically leads to success:


Opens up a new world of required knowledge


The learned ability to address assigned tasks


Caters for the critical issues in a company

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